Traditional New Zealand Polynesian Dancing
Kia Ora and Welcome

We are Māori Mo Ake Tonu, which means Māori Forever in the native Māori language of New Zealand. As a Kapa Haka group, we are proud to represent New Zealand and to bring a touch of the New Zealand Maori culture to the San Francisco Bay Area.

We perform song and dance of the Māori people from New Zealand and our performances consist of action songs using our hands, legs and bodies to depict different words. We also use a variety of implements from New Zealand such as Poi Balls, Taiaha, Patu, and Titi Torea.

We have performed at many events including the San Francisco Aloha Festival and have provided many educational programs to local schools and libraries. If you are interested in a performance from our group, or perhaps you are interested in joining us, please see our contact information on our Contact Us page.

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Speak Like A Native

  • Kia ora: Hello
  • Māori: Indigenous people of New Zealand
  • Kapa Haka: Māori song and dance group
  • Haka: Posture dance
  • Poi: Dancing implements
  • Kai: Food
  • Potai: Hat

Fun NZ Facts

  • Population: 4.4 million
  • Sheep Population: 43 million
  • National Bird: Kiwi
Poi Balls